Corner Cleaning machine- CNC (SQJ08B – CNC – 140)

  • Be equipped with the high efficiency sevo system which can cleaning automatically for all the corner seams in quick speed.
  • Adopts industry grade computer system, closed-loop controlling, ensures high precision.
  • Interface in figures and diagrams which can display directly the moving trace of the cutter.
  • It is simple, direct-viewing with the demonstrating program function, can set two-dimension processing programming by CNC controller.
  • Can Store many processing programmes for different profile.

Corner cleaning machine (SQJ01 – 120)

  • For Cleaning the welding tumor on 90° corner of external side of profile and top and bottom.
  • Adopt programmable controller (PLC) ensures the machine running more steady and reliable.
  • The milling cutter should be changed for each profile for cleaning the 90° External side.
  • The unique design for the special cutters make them in stable working and have perfect cleaning effect.

Corner Cleaning machine- Top and bottom (SQJ06 – 120)

  • Used for cleaning the welding tumor on top and bottom of the profile.
  • Fully pneumatic driven completely, it features simple organization, safe and convenient.

Portable Cleaning Machines

  • Used for cleaning top and bottom seam and internal and external tumor.
  • Driven manually using pneumatic power.

V Cleaning machine               (SQJ05 – 120)

  • Used for cleaning V shaped mullion Welding seam.
  • The worktable sliding rail ensures the mullion in accurate location.
  • Upper and lower planning cutter is driven by pneumatic.
  • Two concurrent operation button, ensures the oprator safety.